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We’re Lapfa, We make solar projects Bankable!


Did you know…

Did you know that Higher Ratings attract Lower Interest Rates for financing solar projects? Lapfa can help you get single digit financing, with Affordable, Actionable, and “Future-Proofed” Ratings.

The Problem

Solar plants may underperform due to installation, design or equipment failures. So investors demand a rating, to know what they are getting. But ratings are expensive, and Lapfa wants to change this.

The Solution

Lapfa is a B2B “Moody’s for Solar” Ratings Agency, that provides QA services for solar projects worldwide. Lapfa is focused on doing reasonably priced ratings for “smaller” solar projects under 10M US.


Lapfa makes solar projects bankable. Lapfa provides a “Blueprint for Successful Solar Projects”, via our comprehensive solar ratings methodology that cover the lifecycle of solar PV or renewable energy projects: EVALUATE, BUILD, OPERATE.



Pre-due diligence for technical, legal, and financial aspects, via high quality checklists, for “Ready to Build”, “Built”, and “Operational” Solar projects.



Due Diligence services and financial analysis of capital, financial, and operational expenses of a solar project, using metrics that matter to bankers and investors.



We assess the gaps between your solar project and industry best practices or standards, to provide a trusted rating for your solar project.



Curated Solar projects that receive Lapfa’s Solar Rating Seal of Approval, will access affordable interest rates for loan from our financing partners.

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